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new tec song

2008-07-24 00:30:58 by Drawoh

well, here's my new song ppl
hope y'all like it :3

Find Your Way

another song by me :D

2008-07-11 17:33:32 by Drawoh

I made this song while I was bored at a friends house :P

Check it out, and tell me if u like it ;)

Winds Mystery

remix :P

2008-06-28 23:52:59 by Drawoh

hey everyone, just made a remix to one of my songs, here it is:
Beat On Classic [Remix]

and here is the original if ya haven't heard it:
Beat On Classic

New song :]

2008-06-19 12:04:11 by Drawoh

hey ppl, its been a while since I made anything lately..... I've just been very busy with other stuff....
[if ya don't believe me check HD Music's Myspace]

well, here is tha song: Transacidus
Hope y'all like it :]

new song :)

2008-03-29 16:15:26 by Drawoh

hey ppl :P
chek out my song, its a soft piano song :)

hope y'all like it

Carol's Melody (Far Away)

My New Song :P

2008-03-20 22:05:19 by Drawoh

Hey ppl, just made a new song and just wanted u all to chek it out and leave some reviews so I can know what ya think :)

Out Of Nowhere