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New Tech

2009-02-07 13:40:07 by Drawoh

Well ppl, here is a new techno (I think its techno xD)

hope y'all enjoy it :P


New song for y'all

2009-01-12 18:20:34 by Drawoh

well, here is the new stuff ppl :P


I should've uploaded it before, its just that I forgot to -_-''

well, enjoy anyways ^^

Another sonic loop :D

2008-12-26 22:09:40 by Drawoh

Well, here I made a loop remix to the theme from Aquatic Ruin Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

hope y'all like it :P

Sonic 2 Aquatic Ruin [Remix]

mighty morphin loop xD

2008-11-11 18:17:21 by Drawoh

Mighty morphin ppl xD

Just made a loop remix to the old power rangers theme :D

Hope u like it :)

Power Rangers Theme [Remix]

Two new songs

2008-10-25 21:12:38 by Drawoh

Its been some time since I've been at newgrounds, reason caused by internet problems... but now solved :D

Well, I made this two songs in my free time, hope u like em.

Piano-Tec [Remake]

Looking For Something

Hey ppl :P

just finished a simple remix of the song Curse Of The Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean

hope y'all enjoy it ^^

"POTC" [Remix]

Another Sonic tune

2008-08-12 22:25:57 by Drawoh

well, here it is

hope u enjoy it :P

Sonic 2 Chemical Plant [Remix]

Tetris :P

2008-08-09 21:28:08 by Drawoh

Yep, just made a little loop remix to the tetris theme

its not that big deal but hope ya like it anyways :)

Tetris Theme [Remix]

another video game song ^^

2008-07-29 17:37:25 by Drawoh

here it is :P

its from the game Super Mario RPG

well, enjoy ^^

Mario RPG_Smithy Battle Remix

made a video game loop :P

2008-07-27 18:00:52 by Drawoh

well, first time I ever do a loop ^^

its the Theme for the boss on the old school games of sonic :P

well, I think its obvious on the title

well, hope ya'll like it

Sonic Boss Theme [Remix]