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New hip hop :)

2010-10-03 19:07:29 by Drawoh

Finally figured out what to do with this melody I had in my mind some time ago

well, Enjoy ^^

With Glory

New techno

2010-07-18 19:35:15 by Drawoh

Another techno for everyone

hope u all like it :D

Dripping Notes

Rock!! :D

2010-05-16 20:42:38 by Drawoh

got a rock made this time :D

made it for my girlfriend :)

(yeah, her name's Stacy) :P

Enjoy ^^

Stacy's Trumpet

Another hip hop

2010-05-07 20:08:18 by Drawoh

Started screwing around with effects
and got this lol

Enjoy :D

Tocando En Reversa

New Techno :)

2010-03-21 19:29:31 by Drawoh

Another creation right out of my hands lol xD

well, here it is :)

Off My Hands

New song, hip hop one

2010-02-27 18:52:50 by Drawoh

Tried to make something different...
I don't think is that much of a difference but its a start :D

Piano vs Violin

Enjoy ^^

another techno :D

2009-11-30 18:12:48 by Drawoh

Has been a while since I did anything :P

yep, maybe its because my computer is !@#$% and it just doesn't work anymore >.>

well, now I got a solution thanks to my girlfriend ^^ (her computer :P)

so anyways, here's the new one :3

Losing Your Logic


I'm sorry I had to resubmit the song cuz of some mischief a friend did to me

piano and tec song :D

2009-08-13 20:31:20 by Drawoh

here is a new techno with piano :D

enjoy ppl ^^

A Piano's Techish Feeling

new song, at last >.>

2009-06-11 21:43:13 by Drawoh

well people, I haven't been able to upload anything because my computer decided to destroy itself -_-'''
And also my internet connection doesn't work... yay for me....

so I came to my cousin's house and started working in my music over here.. so ya :P

here's my new one, hope y'all like it ^^

Road To Epic

Sped up tech :P

2009-03-31 21:55:15 by Drawoh

yah, got a new song for everyone :D

a little faster than some of mine, got the tempo to 150 this time :P

well, enjoy ^^

Speed It Up